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Ice Facilities

Rent the Columbus Civic Center Ice Facilities

To place a reservation today, please contact Robin Wallace at (706) 653-4482.

Booking Policy

The Columbus Civic Center ice skating rink can be reserved and leased no sooner than thirty days (30) prior to the day of the event.

Clients can place a hold on the date until the contract date thirty days (30) prior to the day of the event, at which point the held date will become a booked date.

Management reserves the right to pre-empt your event at any time to book all necessary space inside the arena, even up to the event date. Reservations are subject to availability and may be refused at any time. If management pre-empts your event, the deposit will be refunded in full.

Rental Rates

Ice rink $225.00 per hour
Floor Monitor (per 100 skaters)$30.00 per hour
Skate Rental$3.00 per pair

Ice Skating Rules

  1. All skaters skate at own risk.
  2. We recommend protective gear for all skaters.
  3. Skaters must be cautious and courteous.
  4. No food or drink is allowed on ice or in locker rooms.
  5. Skaters are prohibited from chopping ice with blades.
  6. Skaters cannot stop on the ice floor without first moving to the wall.
  7. Speed skating is prohibited.
  8. Skaters are prohibited from performing spins, camels, laybacks, or jumps.
  9. Skaters are prohibited from making or throwing snowballs.
  10. Lessee must clean up any miscellaneous items after event to include clothing items, skating equipment, and catered food items.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverage options are available during skating events.


Our Event Coordination Department must be notified of the exact length of the event or function and number of guests at least three business days prior to all functions. This time and minimum number of guests will be considered a guarantee for which you will be charged, even if the event or function ends earlier or fewer guests attend. If no guarantee is received by the Event Coordination Department, the number of guests and length of event or function estimated on your ice skating contract will be used as the guarantee.

Billing and Deposits

Fifty percent (50%) of the rental fee is due at time of contract based on the estimated guarantee. The remaining balance will be collected no later than 12:00 PM on the event day. The Columbus Civic Center maintains the right to retain the deposit, fifty percent (50%) of the rental fee, and apply it to any expense incurred due to cancellation of the event, damages incurred to the facility as a result of the event, or to pay expenses incurred as a result of the event. Client further agrees to pay any additional deposits as demanded by the Columbus Civic Center.

Liability and Insurance

The Columbus Civic Center reserves the right to inspect and monitor all public and private functions. The Columbus Civic Center does not assume responsibility and risk for any injury, death, illness or disease, or damage to spectators or other third parties and their property arising from participation in this activity. Client must sign an acceptance of risk and responsibility release prior to the event.

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