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Arena Rental Rates & Fees

General Arena Fees

Rent: Base rent of the building for an event is $2,000.00 or twelve percent (12%) of the adjusted gross at the end of the show for the use of the arena, whichever is greatest.

Deposit: The Columbus Civic Center requires Lessee's to pay a non-refundable deposit equal to $2,500.00. The deposit will be due upon the return of a signed Lease Agreement. In the event of a cancelation, 100% of the deposit will be retained.

Promotional Fees: A fifteen percent (15%) fee will apply to all advertising and promotional items, which utilize the Columbus Civic Center's in-house advertising agency.

Box Office Transactions: A three percent (3%) surcharge will be billed to the Lessee for each electronic (debit/credit card) transaction made within the Civic Center Box Office. Lessees of the Columbus Civic Center will be required to pay box office fees equal to $.50 per ticket sold with a face value and inside charges in addition to a facility fee in the amount of $2.00 per ticket on top of the advertised ticket price.

Pre Settlement: One week prior to the engagement, a pre settlement will be conducted to evaluate ticket sales. If the lessor has not collected enough i ticket sales to cover building expenses, the lessee will be required to pay the outstanding balance at that time. For additional booking information, please contact Sammy Eugenio (706) 225-4842.

Equipment Rates

Standard Stage (40' x 60')$600.00 
Floor Conversion$1,500.00 
Forklift$125.00 (per day)
Spotlights$75.00 (per show)
Tables$6.00 (round of 10)
Tables (8')$6.00 
TV / VCR$50.00 (per day)
Podium$50.00 (per day)
Portable Sound / Handheld Mic$75.00 (per day)
Cordless Mic$75.00 (per day)
Telephone $80.00  (per line)
DSL, Wi-Fi $300.00 
Pipe and Drape$50.00 (per booth)
Arena Floor Carpeting$500.00 
Half House Curtain$1,800.00 
Load In Day$1,000.00 

Personnel Rates

Check-In Door (T-Shirt) $16.00 
Receptionist $11.00 
Ticket Sellers $12.00 
Ticket Seller Supervisor $16.00 
Ticket Takers $12.00 
Ushers $12.00 
Head Usher $14.00 
T-Shirt Security $16.00 
AM T-Shirt Security $16.00 
T-shirt Security Supervisor $18.00 
Uniform Police $27.00 
Uniform Police Supervisor $32.00 
Fire Marshal $27.00 
EMS $27.00 
Electrician $31.00 
12 hr. Security $27.00 
24 hr. Security $27.00 
Sound / Spotlight Op.$16.00 (per quote)
Stagehand$16.00 (per quote)
Steward$25.00 (per quote)
Riggers up$35.00 (per quote)
Riggers down$35.00 (per quote)
Loaders$16.00 (per quote)
Runners $150.00 (per day)
Forklift Operator$16.00 (per quote)
Truss Spot Operator$25.00 (per quote)
Housekeeping Crew $11.00 
Housekeeping Supervisor $13.00 
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